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Teslapunk is a classic 2D shoot-em-up with fast-paced arcade gameplay.  Defend earth against Emperor Zangórax, popular Martian DJ by night, frantic invader by day.
Arcade mode has 6 different levels, each one designed with a unique look and feel.
Survival mode is more casual with the possibility to level up the ship and buy helpful items.

Martian Invasion

Emperor Zangórax, a popular Martian DJ, starts a full fledged invasion on Earth. The only person who stands a chance against Emperor Zangórax and his henchmen is Nikola Tesla and his powerful weapons.
Take control of his space ship and fight through six levels against the invaders.

Unique Design

Each level features unique visuals, music and enemy characteristics.

Learn about each enemies’ weaknesses and study their bullet patterns for best scoring possibilities.

Voltage Boost

Every enemy frowns at the sight of your powerful voltage boost. Bullets turn into score multiplier, enemies get blasted away and your ship is invulnerable.

Collect blue energy cubes to fill your voltage tanks and execute voltage blast at will.

Survival Mode

Fight against endless waves of enemies.
Collect coins and items. Spend coins in the Teslamart to level up your ship and buy items.
How long can you survive?